Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Garden Waldorf School's Class Two Field Trip

Spring Garden Waldorf School's Class Two Field Trip to

Ms. Crall's Class Two from Spring Garden Waldorf School came to Lavender Lane yesterday. We all had great fun. We participated in the celebration of the arrival of Lady Spring by gathering around a sweet little group of snowdrops. The sound of songbirds competed with the crowing of our roosters, Puff Ball and Lenny. Remnants of winter, however, remain! We greeted one of the new baby bunnies and felt the thick coat of fur around Twinkles' neck.
We sloshed through the mud of the animal yard and the children were eagerly greeted by Alexis, our goat. This was the first experience many children had of touching and petting such a large animal! Alexis adored the children and could not get enough. She continued to follow us, indeed, lead us on the final leg of our journey around the farm.
We went out to the spot where our Italian bees will find their cozy home this coming April. Many questions and stories began to fly from the children about the bees. Their honesty and passion about these lovely creatures, ranging from "I'm a little afraid of bees" to "I'm Italian, too" were wonderful.
Alexis then took us to the beds of garlic and the children could observe there that King Winter took good care of it, as we could see the green shoots beginning to pierce through the blankets of straw.
We then gathered around the children's garden where Alexis entertained the children by munching on some of the kale the children had planted almost a year ago and was still thriving in the center of the garden! Class Two then graced us with one of their lovely songs.
At the song's conclusion, Alexis felt it was time for her to go back to Spring Garden with the children. We all told her that she needed to stay home, but she wouldn't have anything to do with that. She crossed the street with the children and marched side by side with them right up to the school door. She certainly would have gone in, had Ms. Crall not said, "thank you, Alexis, but that will be fine." She listened, then turned away and had a police escort help her back across the street. What a fine day and lovely field trip!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Top Bar Beehive Workshop

Top Bar Beehive Workshop
1756 Jacoby Road
Copley, OH 44321

Sunday, April 18, 2010 Noon-3 PM

Günther Hauk, my Biodynamic beeguardian mentor, told me that the best we can do for bees now during the crisis of Colony Collapse is for everyone who is filled with love to have bees.
In this workshop, we will study the basic philosophy behind responsible stewardship of having bees in our families. The top bar hive is perfect for your backyard and is, at least to me, the most sensitive and practical means for the bees to work, live, and thrive happily. At the workshop we will discuss the reasons for this as well as an array of fascinating topics: safe propolis beeswax stain for the outside, why you shouldn't smoke your bees, honey collection, hive maintenance, my favorite bee literature, how to catch a swarm, and many others, including how to place bee packages in your top bar hive. Take it from me, it is one thing to watch a YouTube demonstration of introducing bees into a new hive and another to actually seeing it done before your eyes. We will do this on Sunday afternoon as a part of the workshop.
Due to the interest that has been expressed for participating in the workshop, I would ask that you RSVP via e-mail as soon as possible (lavenderlane@earthlink.net). Please note that for this particular workshop, we will not be providing child care. The fee for the 3-hour workshop is 5 dollars an hour for a total of 15 dollars. This can be paid when you arrive. All participants will receive a complimentary CD of Günther Hauk's talk: The Honeybee Crisis: Symptomatic of our Failure to Care for Nature.
See you there!
Farmer Jake