Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fire Fairies (flies)

Last night, my daughter Gemma looked out over the cornfield and said, “there they are, the fire fairies.” Before each meal, we light the candle with this verse:
“Fire Fairies come to us.
Bring to us your golden light.
When the Fire Fairies come, 
They bring light, light from the sun.”
Oh, those magnificent fireflies. Memories. Who needs fireworks. I remember, back about a thousand years ago when I was a college student, sitting in a lawn chair watching the fireflies dance and play in a meadow. I accompanied them on my stereo with Rachmaninov’s Second Piano Concerto. Somehow, we must carry the gift of these kinds of memories into the winter to warm our hearts. These dog days, when Sirius, the dog star rises and sets with the sun will be fleeting...


  1. Beautiful! This is inspirational.

  2. Thank you. A few years ago a 40-something friend was here from Southern California. We all went to see fireworks in Fairlawn. As we sat and waited for the sun to set, the lightening bugs (as I have always called them) came out. She was so surprised and delighted, she had never seen them before. Apparently they do not live in Southern California. A downpour prevented us from seeing the fireworks, but the time that the kids and the adults spent chasing the lightening bugs and delighting in them was precious time. It was wonderful to have that renewed view of the world from an adult that I get often from my children. A reminder to delight, and "permission" to behave with abandon that is sometimes forgotten.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. You are right, Jenni - to recapture that world of childhood through bringing magic to our own children - like this - is truly a gift and a win-win situation.