Sunday, October 30, 2011

Doomed! I am a left-handed farmer...

A teacher: -asked whether children should be broken of left-handedness.

Rudolf Steiner (the father of Biodynamic Farming/Gardening): As a rule, yes! The phenomenon of left-handedness is decidedly karmic, in fact a karmic weakness. (R.S. "Conferences with Teachers-Vol. 4, p. 29.)

Perhaps Steiner is correct. This from today’s article in Salon: “the version most commonly heard is that left-handers die an average of nine years sooner, and that by about the age of forty most have disappeared…”

Yet, it is common knowledge that Rudolf Steiner lauded the peasant culture for their intuitive approach to farming. “We go through the fields, and all of the sudden the knowledge is there in us. We know it absolutely. Afterwards we put it to the test and find it confirmed. In in my youth, at least, when I lived among the peasant folk, I witnessed this again and again. We must begin again from such things.” “Agricultural Course,” p. 53.

I wonder to myself, are there more left-handed or more right-handed farmers out there? Do farmers and gardeners rely more on the right side of their brains (creative, intuitive, and usually left handed) or more on the left side of their brains (logical, organized, and usually right handed).

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