Saturday, October 29, 2011

Think Twice before Eating Mushrooms!

The common scientific wisdom concurs that mushrooms are OK to eat. In fact, they contain the trace mineral germanium, which is noted for its antiviral and antitumor effects. Germanium also energizes the body. With so many healing abilities and such variety of flavors and textures, mushrooms just may help the body generate energy, offer protection against tumors and virus infection, and bring complete satiety to the mushroom aficionado.

From a Biodynamic Viewpoint, harmful parasites always consort with mushrooms. In fact, you should have a patch of mushrooms on your lawn or on your farm to “keep all sorts of pests away from your garden.” You might well imagine then what happens when you ingest this parasitic-loving food in your body! Dr. B. Toth (“Cancer induction in mice by feeding mushroom ‘Gyromitra esculenta.” “Cancer Research,” 1992; 52(8): 2279-84) found that mushrooms are associated with cancer in lungs, liver, thyroid, nasal cavity, stomach, colon, and gallbladder in mice.

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